#27: White Lighter

October 15, 2017

A Follow up episode to my hyping Eminem's Donald Tr*mp diss

it's okay to leave some people in your past. sometimes we have to learn that the hard way. 

A very special shoutout to my sister Nashia for heading down to Puerto Rico to lend a helping hand. On behalf of all of us we appreciate you. 

the future of Rap

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#26: Shady’s Back Ft Miguel

October 11, 2017

Miguel dropped by to catch up, discuss this weeks trending topics and share some personal stories. 


- Sexual Assault

- Harvey Weinstein 

- Racism

- Just Jokes?

- Miguel pursuing acting and early bartending

- Fake News

A broken boner and much more......


Twitter: @miguelismiguel    IG: @wiguelmiguel


and as always you know where to find me. links are at www.KingBoeChrist.com

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Eminem Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LunHybOKIjU&t=1s



#25: That Was The Old Me

October 8, 2017

- Live on twitter with 'Think With Wink' Podcast

- Don't slander black business

- Uber ban


-I've come too far to catch a DWI

- You not from the hood bro

- You love SOSA

-Mets Baseball/Knicks Basketball


-Creating a better YOU!


#24: Free Game ft @Taegoe

October 3, 2017
@KingBoeChrist & @Taegoe sat down to introduce the 'Perception is Reality' project
Being selfish with my emotions in relationships
Not seeing many successful relationships work
A cheater can always spot a cheater

Oprah Slander?

Hempstead, Long Island
Lil Wayne-Drake Talk
A half ass apology to Notorius BIG
People dont wanna see you win
Twitter being my life timestamp
Breaking Hugh Hefner News
As a man please dont give me a pass
Relationship guidelines 
Please excuse the abrupt ending. things went left when i overheard someone in Unc's chat on 2k start to slander Hugh Hefner. that footage can be found on Youtube:

#23: Alt-Left James - Part 2

October 1, 2017
Back again is my Buddy James to discsuss everything that came to mind...
Going Away to College
Getting a pass on punching people in the face
My Mancave isnt valid?
Random moments of James dropping facts on our head top
Mayweather Vs Mcgregor wrap-up
Atlantic City
Kids on medication
Threatening a school shooting?
UFC talk and much more….

#22: Fingertip Critics (Ft @OMG_ItsKhairy)

September 30, 2017
Khairy the comedian (@OMG_itsKhairy) came to tell us a story from a horrible road trip, being suspended on twitter and much more. 
We talked:
  • Bad Jokes
  • A day from hell on the road
  • The Current state of comedy
  • Twitter
  • Some Dragon Ball Z talk(that confused the hell outta me)
  • The True power of Having a tweet stole.
  • 8 Mile Style
  • Making Money on Twitter
  • The truth that separates hate from criticism
  • Selective twitter rules

#21: 1 Grade Back, 2 Steps Forward

September 29, 2017

In this episode i was recording a timeline of events for an written peice that a friend of mine is writing. I talked about my childhood, getting left back in 8th grade, meeting my wife and GOALS for the podcast.  This wasnt supposed to be an episode but i felt it would be intresting to share with my listeners also. Things get a bit personal but maybe it'll help explain where i'm coming from.  



September 29, 2017

#19: Alt Left James - Part 1

September 27, 2017
I used my phone-a-friend and called my pal James to talk
Music speaking for your soul
Phone-a-friend to my pal James.
Fantasy Football
Trump & NFL saga and much more.

#18: See Something, Say Something

September 26, 2017

Assuming Everyone has common sense is a recipe for disaster. 

Goals For the Podcast

And how Donald Tr*mp inspired me.....