I Say That To Say This 44: A Classic (Ft The Belligerent Canadian Podcast)

January 15, 2018

Matt in Vancouver episode:
Belligerent Canadian podcast.


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Are the tables turning for Monica Lewinsky? Look I don’t remember much but she damn sure wasn’t a hero.

Speaking of presidents.....
Shit Hole countries comments.
(Hot take:You think things are bad right now? If trump is able to finish out this term he’ll get elected for a second. I’m telling you right now. If trump wins again in 2020 he’d really end the world.)

Travel ban. Can’t get into Canada with a felony.

NFL teams and how we got there.

Norm Kelly on Twitter.

Drake swindling his way into the Toronto Raptors organization.

Canadian Football League.



I Say That To Say This 43: “No Comment”

January 15, 2018
43: “no comment"
More Life is a playlist, but a classic?
Ft @Thingsgregsees (Twitter/IG)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingBoeChrist
IG: https://www.instagram.com/kingboechrist/
  • chronological order on IG Vs. Most popular
  • You won’t appreciate more life for another 10 years like niggas did with American gangsta
  • Drake’s innovation is what makes more life a classic.
  • Nick Saban said “you have to adapt with the game.”
  • “Knowing when you’re firs but taking second.” Meant that we was willing to take a backseat to Wayne until it was time.  
  • Do you think rap gets criticized too hard
  • Greg mentioned comments getting out of control on his Facebook page on the last episode we did. I feel like rap is the only genre that gets dissected
  • Gregs “no comment” and my 2 cents about blogger Stephanie Yeboah breaking the H&M story
  • The Mixtape run changing the music industry. 
  • The G-Unit Vs. Dipset Prequel.
  • And most importantly a special thank you to Chicago police officer Jennifer Maddox.

I Say That To Say This 42: The Chris Brown Debate

January 10, 2018

I say that to say this 42: The Chris Brown Debate Ft. @ThingsGregSees
The Chris Brown debate!
What is a Classic album?
Confessions > Thriller
Keep The Trolls away from your goals
I only embrace positive energy
People really aren’t that sensitive. They just would rather fit in.
I love the listeners but this podcast is for me.
I Have a commitment to the People, and most importantly to myself.
KingBoeChrist.com (Shameless Plug)
Quality Vs. Quantity


We didn’t do the gossip. We got straight to the music. Indulge.


I Say That To Say This 41: The Eddie “Truck” Gordon Episode (Ft. @truckmma_ufc)

January 8, 2018

'Forever TRUCKIN: Mastering the will to win' Amazon Link- https://www.amazon.com/Forever-TRUCKIN-Mastering-Will-Win/dp/0999608614/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1515426431&sr=8-1&keywords=forever+truckin

IG/Twitter: @KingBoeChrist

The Eddie “Truck” Gordon (@truckmma_ufc) Episode:

I love connecting with people from Long Island.

- Being a fighter is the ultimate display of tenacity. It was always a tradition for the strongest people in any civilization to become the warriors.

- Life before becoming a UFC fighter

- Writing your name 1000’s of times after your teacher told you that you wouldn’t be a professional athlete.

- Atlantic City

- I don’t like being punched in the face. But I love and admire the training.

-Writing a book....


-Imitating a fighters style if you're new to the sport.

- Cross sport fighting. Mayweather Vs. McGregor. Is there a future in that?

Gary Vee. The motivator. The legend.
He was the last little push I needed to start a podcast and spread a positive message along the way.

Thank you for listening, I'll see you next week....


40: Ounce (Ft BigDrawz34)

January 1, 2018
Episode 40: 

American Pimp & Dave Chappell’s new Netflix special. 

2018 has warm tea in it. And that’s cool. 
Recreational weed in California as of January 1st, 2018. 
Son made a fire beat tho I’m not gonna lie
When your body is ready for stronger drugs. 
“smoke better” -bigdrawz34 
You never know how you can impact someone creatively. 
Buying Bottles in the club. 
Wearing expensive belts
The reason rich ni**as do what they do. 
Car trips with the OG’s
“I don’t match, I blend”  - MaroonNYC

39: 2018 (ft @Thingsgregsees)

January 1, 2018

Episode 39: '2018' Featuring ThingsGregSees

Chief Keef the original Youtube finesser
Put that New York Spice on it. 
You can’t strip an artist of what he’s done from one bad album. 
West Coast music may behind because they keep that same Energy. 
The weather may set the mood for what you want to listen to. 
As soon as you give something to the internet its open to opinion. Buyer beware.  
Looking back on ThingsGregSees top list from 2016
Lil Wayne Vs. 2 Chainz on the COLLEGROVE album
Some Vince Staples talk
Is Rick Ross a Streaming numbers Genius?
My 2 cents on logic. 
"More Life is a playlist." 

38: A Christmas Story (Ft @SchmitzBeats)

December 25, 2017



using twitter
Legally Blind rock climber Justin Solis
Having Cataracts
Being born with Glaucoma
How many beats have you made?
How often are you in the studio?
Did you actually become a pastor.
I meant to ask about Working with the artists Thirteen(th1rt3en) but we’ll take that conversation to twitter (@KingBoeChrist)
Having kids sit on Santa’s lap.
The legend of Bagger Vance


Episode 36: A Christmas Story (Ft. SchmitzBeats)


If a kid finessing call him Keaton (last name)
getting finessed by the Internet bully
Now people saying how could you donate. So full of shit. MARK MY WORDS. We are in the transition from people being overly sensitive to wanted to be the first one to say nobody cares. We all fucking care. Even if it’s for 5 minutes. We care!
Kodak trolling Hov
Lonzo trolling Nas
Migos trolling everyday struggle.

Surgeon burning initials into a patients liver during a transplant . I thought tattooing the time you were born was bad but this takes the cake. How arrogant are we? I’m hard on myself because I think I’m an asshole and then I see things like this and realize I’m not that bad.
Net neutrality. (Switching phone companies)
Apple purposely slowing down iPhones.


37: Drug Dealers Anonymous

December 18, 2017


Joined by "Trap" we talked about the goings on of the underworld......

a serious moment about sexual assaults and more


36: Unfinished Business (ft HimDownStrz)

December 18, 2017


Joined by a special guest we were all over the place but I promise it'll all make sense later.