61: I’ll Name This Podcast Later Pt. 1 (Ft. Shereen From Queens)

September 3, 2018







ISTTST 59: More Hate+More Love Too

May 21, 2018


An Oldie but a goodie. I think episode is important for the story going forward. Enjoy.... It gets greater later


57: Ya don’t say… (Audio Only)

April 23, 2018

nobody cares.



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56: NDA for what (Audio Only)

April 16, 2018

56: NDA for what

King Boe Christ, Samara Foxx & Gunsmoke The Don sat down for our Monday special.  We started off with Drakes new single Nice for what, that led us into talking about the rapper Logic. From there we discussed R&B ninjas really taking your girl, Bill Cosby’s retrial and whats the point of having an NDA.
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55 Audio: (Relationships, Police Killings & Facebook live tragedies

April 10, 2018

55: Persona

We started off with an irresponsible talk about police brutality which we will take a better dive into later. What we did do right was some in depth relationship talk. Head over to Youtube to check out the video. 

54: Youtube Subscriptions Matter (Audio Only)

April 2, 2018



53: Boe J. Simpson (Audio Only)

March 26, 2018

53: Sat Down with GSTD again to discuss this weeks events as far as you should be concerned about them. 
We Started out with the upcoming paroled release of conviceted cop killer Herman Bell. 47 years ago Bell killed 2 NYPD officers in cold blood and a 3rd on the west coast. 
From There we talked OJ, Juelz Santana and the Meek Mill/Rick Ross Debate. 
Also, we compared record sales over the past decades. enjoy. 

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51: Grey Area Episode Part. 1

March 12, 2018

We began this episode talking about the motherboard.com article that revealed Pornhub deleting "Deep Fake" videos. They apparently felt the need announce the changes due to having to crack down on a significant amount of uploads. Which is a great gesture and far from the practices of Bestbuy who's geek squad department has been secretly alerting the FBI when they come across suspicious material in customers computers.
Separating artists as people from their work.
Chris Rock Comedy Special Breakdown

And Some more Gun Control talk....