32: We like her, we like her too (Ft @Byepoleher)

November 20, 2017

32: We like her, we like her too Ft (@Byepoleher)


Twitter/IG: @KingBoeChrist


- Episode 5: Challenge the knowledge Ft B’asia https://soundcloud.com/kingboechrist/episode-5-challenge-the-knowledge-feat-b_continentasia


- Episode 6: They don’t know what you meant, only what you said: https://soundcloud.com/kingboechrist/episode-6-they-dont-know-what-you-meant-only-what-you-said



Bipolar PTSD diagnosis
Early twitter use
Learning from others experience
Pushing forward through depression
Mental health.
37:00 how to love
Pill Cosby and the Spanish Fly
Power being a motive behind sexual assault.
Louis CK & Kevin Spacey
The R. Kelly sitdown
  • The world being black in white
  • “Whisps”
  • Interracial Relationships.
  • Domestic Partnerships 
  • Manhasset High School

#31: Be afraid of the Ignorance (ft @mtresays)

November 13, 2017

Joined by @mtresays for episode 31. i have to say this was more of an expierance than an epsisode. Great Energy on this one. 

- Religion

- Growing up in predomiantly white neighborhoods as a black man. 

- Michael living with HIV

- how he contracted the virus. 

- making the best of the long life ahead

- the ''F'' word 

i mentoined the read podcast. i shared the episode on @KingBoeChrist

Always remaing postive and looking and enjoying every moment of your life. 


#30: The Sounds and the Vibes too (Ft @ThingsGregSees)

November 6, 2017

Joined by @ThingsGregSees once again to discuss our favorite era in music and much more...


Sounds & Vibes Playlist - https://soundcloud.com/soundsandvibes/sounds-vibes-radio-preview


#29: The Morning After

October 30, 2017

29- The Morning After Ft. @ Flourchild

We started off with a little Cardi B talk
Working on the right side of the law. 
Police doing the most during a date. 
Dating a police officer?
Where theres a pill theres a way….. to get into the military. 
Taking a narcotic without realizing.  I always thought athletes were bullshitting but I guess if you don’t ask that many questions these things will happen
Little bit of car talk
Early Charlamagne tha God with Wendy Williams
Being adopted 
Playing those X-Games
One night stands?
You can’t be mad at a man for having a job. 
Rick Ross a creeper?
Lil B the basedgod Vs A Boogie with the Hoodie
50 Shades of black and much more…….

#28: Drink Champ Idiots

October 25, 2017

Why so Serious?
With my co-host for the evening @FlourerChild

1. The Bread and the Butter
- Where will all this internet flexing and partying get you when preparing for your older years.

Early days of social networks. I had a beeper. You kids will never know
Don’t go crazy on social media. The internet owns it forever.
But when using social media you actually can be productive. Its so much to gain

2. Raised Old School
- Can’t cook, can’t change a tire, can’t clean, can’t budget...who raised you.

3. Seriously, what is a Hoe
- Self explanatory.

4. Women Attract Crazy Bitches Too
- Every guy has a girl with that one friend that isn’t right but she keeps her around.

5. Can I Live
- This is a judgmental world how do you be yourself unapologetically.

Phone a friend with my man @Kev_on_time with some Eminem talk and Snoop wanting to make America crip again.

The journey of an artists music catalog.

Tupacs and what could’ve been. It was a method to his madness. Pac knew how Jesus felt.


#27: White Lighter

October 15, 2017

A Follow up episode to my hyping Eminem's Donald Tr*mp diss

it's okay to leave some people in your past. sometimes we have to learn that the hard way. 

A very special shoutout to my sister Nashia for heading down to Puerto Rico to lend a helping hand. On behalf of all of us we appreciate you. 

the future of Rap

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#26: Shady’s Back Ft Miguel

October 11, 2017

Miguel dropped by to catch up, discuss this weeks trending topics and share some personal stories. 


- Sexual Assault

- Harvey Weinstein 

- Racism

- Just Jokes?

- Miguel pursuing acting and early bartending

- Fake News

A broken boner and much more......


Twitter: @miguelismiguel    IG: @wiguelmiguel


and as always you know where to find me. links are at www.KingBoeChrist.com

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Eminem Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LunHybOKIjU&t=1s



#25: That Was The Old Me

October 8, 2017

- Live on twitter with 'Think With Wink' Podcast

- Don't slander black business

- Uber ban


-I've come too far to catch a DWI

- You not from the hood bro

- You love SOSA

-Mets Baseball/Knicks Basketball


-Creating a better YOU!


#24: Free Game ft @Taegoe

October 3, 2017
@KingBoeChrist & @Taegoe sat down to introduce the 'Perception is Reality' project
Being selfish with my emotions in relationships
Not seeing many successful relationships work
A cheater can always spot a cheater

Oprah Slander?

Hempstead, Long Island
Lil Wayne-Drake Talk
A half ass apology to Notorius BIG
People dont wanna see you win
Twitter being my life timestamp
Breaking Hugh Hefner News
As a man please dont give me a pass
Relationship guidelines 
Please excuse the abrupt ending. things went left when i overheard someone in Unc's chat on 2k start to slander Hugh Hefner. that footage can be found on Youtube:

#23: Alt-Left James - Part 2

October 1, 2017
Back again is my Buddy James to discsuss everything that came to mind...
Going Away to College
Getting a pass on punching people in the face
My Mancave isnt valid?
Random moments of James dropping facts on our head top
Mayweather Vs Mcgregor wrap-up
Atlantic City
Kids on medication
Threatening a school shooting?
UFC talk and much more….