49: “Everything that’s gold gonna glitter” Ft. The Sagg

February 26, 2018

We gave a Mo'nique update and really took a deep dive into it. Spoke on 'God's Plan' and giving back in Drake own innovative way. Wendy Williams coming out of her mouth sideways about Queen Beyonce and much more. Enjoy. 


I Say That To Say This 48: #YouToo?

February 19, 2018

I sat down with an old friend for this episode and we took it back to the days we sat in a security booth and discussed current events. Troy Ave's situation came up we touched on that. Also, we walked on egg shells discussing the #MeToo movement and Gunsmoke shared story of a childhood associate that later went on to become an informant BKA a Rat .

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I Say That To Say This 47: You Get What You Negotiate (Ft Jennifer Layne Park)

January 29, 2018

I Say That To Say This 47: “You get what you negotiate" (Ft. Jennifer Layne Park)

Imagine playing X-Box and hearing your song come on. You should be ecstatic right? Now imagine the moment you realized you weren’t paid for that… We Talked Business and knowing your worth and protecting your brand and most importantly your profits. JLP has been featured in some of your favorite shows like The Sopranos, Chappell show and a 6 year run on the hit soap opera One Life To Live.  
  • Suing Microsoft after not being paid for the use of her bands song
  • Starting from music, almost signing with Jive records and transitioning into acting. 
  • Being in Shows like Chappelle Show, The Sopranos and Soap Opera One Life To Live
  • Ink & Dagger
  • A Monique/Netflix boycott reference. 
  • Advice to those who create “always file your copyrights”
  • My Podcast world tour. 
  • Jennifer appearing in Penthouse Magazine fully clothed and much more….. 
What this podcast left me with was always pursue your dreams and never forget about that bag. Thats 2 episodes in a row with people that I’ve never met but we had that common bottom line. Have a day you deserve. 
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Jennifer Layne Park Twitter:@JLPisJLPisJLP

I Say That To Say This 46: The MoreHate+More Love Podcast

January 22, 2018
46- More Love More Hate
Joined By @JayZeeMoet (AKA The Sagg), @tre.see & @ThingsGregSees
Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion. 
And you know where I wanna start? What’s your drink of choice? Shows always show people just drinking but I never know what they’re sippin. 
I prefer Ciroc & moscato. 
  • Is the government spiking the Hennessy. 
  • Jermaine Dupree fat shaming on the breakfast club. 
  • Greg mentioning BBW’s
  • women getting their body done - the only thing I don’t like about when chicks get their body done is they act like they don’t wanna talk about it. I get it. But they act like you just making shit up. first chance I get I’m getting my hairline restored back to factory settings. I used to have really good waves. No so much anymore. 
  • 31:00 Greg ALMOST made me a believer with Tyler The Creator.
  • No such thing as a hater if you don’t like something.  
  •  A hard pass on the #MeToo movement. 
  • Monique’s call to boycott Netflix. 
  • Goals for the podcast. 
  • dildos Vs. Sex dolls. Is there a difference? 
  • Think about how you’d feel if someone tried to sway your sexual preference
**I do not own the rights to any songs that were played. These songs were played for purpose of the discussion. **

I Say That To Say This 45: The Lindsey’s Dog Training Episode

January 22, 2018
Episode 45: Lindsey’s Dog Training Episode
I’ve got my Oakley’s on. My cargo shorts with mad pockets for no reason and I’m ready to roll. 
  • The question I’ve been dying to ask. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
    Put an end to any myth. 
  • You don’t mess around with the dog community. 
  • The Tim Tebow doggy name change from Bronco to Bronx
  • anthropomorphizing… whatever that fuc*ing means
  • Can you imagine if I named my dog “Trump” 7:30
  • Ferret are creepy. Don’t debate me. 
  • A small price change that changed Lindsey’s entire future. 14:00
  • One Dog personality will be different from the other. Like people
  • Schooling Vs. Experience
  • “Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face” - Mike Tyson
  • Being lucky enough to follow your dreams at 20 Years Old. 
  • A terrible tattoo Idea that I’m glad I didn’t get and some tattoo talk. 
  • Remember actually leaving your
  • Almost a heart attack live on air and much more……
  • A trip to Wendy’s ruining the nostalgia….
  • MASH
  • What got you into training?
  • Training the diabetic alert dog was like explaining the color blue to a blind person.  
  • Training cats and being attacked by one
What I’ve gathered from training is that it’s just the ultimate display of patience. 
  • Training AI dogs are the future?
  • Charlie - when did dogs start getting cancer. I feel like family dogs used to live until 24
  • Top job for the socially awkward is a dog walker. 
  • People bringing dogs on planes. 
  • Who was the most famous dog on television? Lassie?

I Say That To Say This 44: A Classic (Ft The Belligerent Canadian Podcast)

January 15, 2018

Matt in Vancouver episode:
Belligerent Canadian podcast.


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Are the tables turning for Monica Lewinsky? Look I don’t remember much but she damn sure wasn’t a hero.

Speaking of presidents.....
Shit Hole countries comments.
(Hot take:You think things are bad right now? If trump is able to finish out this term he’ll get elected for a second. I’m telling you right now. If trump wins again in 2020 he’d really end the world.)

Travel ban. Can’t get into Canada with a felony.

NFL teams and how we got there.

Norm Kelly on Twitter.

Drake swindling his way into the Toronto Raptors organization.

Canadian Football League.



I Say That To Say This 43: “No Comment”

January 15, 2018
43: “no comment"
More Life is a playlist, but a classic?
Ft @Thingsgregsees (Twitter/IG)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingBoeChrist
IG: https://www.instagram.com/kingboechrist/
  • chronological order on IG Vs. Most popular
  • You won’t appreciate more life for another 10 years like niggas did with American gangsta
  • Drake’s innovation is what makes more life a classic.
  • Nick Saban said “you have to adapt with the game.”
  • “Knowing when you’re firs but taking second.” Meant that we was willing to take a backseat to Wayne until it was time.  
  • Do you think rap gets criticized too hard
  • Greg mentioned comments getting out of control on his Facebook page on the last episode we did. I feel like rap is the only genre that gets dissected
  • Gregs “no comment” and my 2 cents about blogger Stephanie Yeboah breaking the H&M story
  • The Mixtape run changing the music industry. 
  • The G-Unit Vs. Dipset Prequel.
  • And most importantly a special thank you to Chicago police officer Jennifer Maddox.

I Say That To Say This 42: The Chris Brown Debate

January 10, 2018

I say that to say this 42: The Chris Brown Debate Ft. @ThingsGregSees
The Chris Brown debate!
What is a Classic album?
Confessions > Thriller
Keep The Trolls away from your goals
I only embrace positive energy
People really aren’t that sensitive. They just would rather fit in.
I love the listeners but this podcast is for me.
I Have a commitment to the People, and most importantly to myself.
KingBoeChrist.com (Shameless Plug)
Quality Vs. Quantity


We didn’t do the gossip. We got straight to the music. Indulge.


I Say That To Say This 41: The Eddie “Truck” Gordon Episode (Ft. @truckmma_ufc)

January 8, 2018

'Forever TRUCKIN: Mastering the will to win' Amazon Link- https://www.amazon.com/Forever-TRUCKIN-Mastering-Will-Win/dp/0999608614/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1515426431&sr=8-1&keywords=forever+truckin

IG/Twitter: @KingBoeChrist

The Eddie “Truck” Gordon (@truckmma_ufc) Episode:

I love connecting with people from Long Island.

- Being a fighter is the ultimate display of tenacity. It was always a tradition for the strongest people in any civilization to become the warriors.

- Life before becoming a UFC fighter

- Writing your name 1000’s of times after your teacher told you that you wouldn’t be a professional athlete.

- Atlantic City

- I don’t like being punched in the face. But I love and admire the training.

-Writing a book....


-Imitating a fighters style if you're new to the sport.

- Cross sport fighting. Mayweather Vs. McGregor. Is there a future in that?

Gary Vee. The motivator. The legend.
He was the last little push I needed to start a podcast and spread a positive message along the way.

Thank you for listening, I'll see you next week....


40: Ounce (Ft BigDrawz34)

January 1, 2018
Episode 40: 

American Pimp & Dave Chappell’s new Netflix special. 

2018 has warm tea in it. And that’s cool. 
Recreational weed in California as of January 1st, 2018. 
Son made a fire beat tho I’m not gonna lie
When your body is ready for stronger drugs. 
“smoke better” -bigdrawz34 
You never know how you can impact someone creatively. 
Buying Bottles in the club. 
Wearing expensive belts
The reason rich ni**as do what they do. 
Car trips with the OG’s
“I don’t match, I blend”  - MaroonNYC